Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Day!

We had a great Easter. We didn't make it to church because Andrew has some bug that he is sharing with the rest of us. Everyone has colds this morning except Justin. Anyway, the kids all got a new Sunday outfit for Easter. I was able to find Amanda & Andrew their clothes last week but I was struggling to get Meagan's during all of the chaos of the last few days. So I sent Justin to get her a dress and shoes on Saturday. He had a hard time making up his mind and came home with four dresses and a pair of shoes for Meagan and an outfit for me! I know how much he enjoys shopping so I wasn't too surprised. He did a really good job. In the afternoon we made Easter cookies. They are a meringue cookie and all the ingredients are symbolic to the Easter story and are assigned different Bible passages. So it is a little FHE lesson. If you are interested I'll email the file to you. I won't post your comment if you want your email to be private. Anyway, it is a great way to bring the true meaning of Easter into the day. We usually do this the night before Eater but we ran out of time this year. For dinner we were invited up to Justin's parents house with his sister. His mom and dad made German meat rolls, yet another great recipe. They are a family favorite but very time consuming and delicious. We all splurged on those and lemon cream pie. They played a fun game called Left, Right, Center. It was a hoot because it is totally a game of chance, yet Justin always wins. It is also easy for little kids and fun for adults so the whole family can fully participate and have fun. All in all, we had a fun holiday.

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