Thursday, January 03, 2008

Way to Start out the New Year

So, some lovely fellow human decided it would be a great idea to break into my van on Tuesday night, and steal my planner. Yes, stupid me for leaving it in there but.... Luckily I didn't have any cash and I was able to cancel all my bank cards before any transactions were attempted. Unluckily, all my ID was in there too, along with a company deposit that I desperately needed to make. Thankfully, the contractor who had paid us jumped right on it and cancelled the check and wrote us a new one, so nothing lost there but time. On the ID side of things it is a bit more complicated. You can't get a drivers licence without a social security card and you can't get a social security card without your drivers licence, and you can't get a student ID without a drivers licence. So, where do you start when all three were stolen. I'm going on a search for my Birth Certificate today. Hopefully I can find that without any trouble and jump off from there. This must happen to other people. There must be a way. I mean, what do you do if your house burns down and you're left with nothing but the underwear you are in. You don't just vanish off the face of the Earth because you have no ID. Well, wish me luck on my quest.

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Andrea said...


Too bad they didn't take that twelve pack of Diet Coke you were stashing in the trunk in case of emergency!