Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Years Resolution

I have only one this year. To break my addiction to the dreaded DIET COKE. This really sucks. It is a good thing I don't drink or smoke because I would be a chainsmoking lush. I have a very addictive personality. It is horrible when the first thought in your head in the morning is, "I need a Coke." And "need" is the operative word. I started getting a caffeine headache yesterday while at Blockbuster, looking for a movie, so Justin bought me a Full Throttle Energy drink. When we went to Mom and Dad's, everyone laughed at me. It may not seem like a step in the right direction, what do you think?

Here's how I feel...Watch the ad, Empty

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Andrea said...

Full Throttle vs. Diet Coke

Is it the caffiene or the carbination that you are trying to avoid? JK!!

I understand the need for the Full Throttle when you are trying to come down from that caffiene high. It should help. More caffiene for the punch. Your body will not have to adjust to the caffiene until you have adjusted from not having something in your hand.

I support the Full Throttle Weaning Method!