Monday, January 07, 2008

Public Humiliation 101

So, I registered for a few classes this semester. Math 1010, which I took 14 years ago, but forgot everything, and Public Humiliation 101 (AKA Fitness for Life). I figured that I need to get into better shape. I've never been overweight because I don't really like eating, but three babies can have a toll on any body. I'd also like more energy and to look better and feel stronger. I'm not 18 anymore and it is time to start taking better care of my body. Unfortunately, I have no self motivation in this department. So, I had the bright idea to take a class that would force me into it. I am motivated by the little term GPA. So, if not for myself, for my GPA!!! A bit warped, I know. Classes started Monday. First day, the instructor tells us we will be running 1.5 miles, timed, plus doing push ups, bench lifting, crunches etc. on Wednesday to test our current fitness level. I don't think I have run since I was in Junior High, and I'm not saying how long ago that was! The worst part is that I took a regular day class, so everyone in the class is 18-19 and not a single one overweight or anything that looked like it may hamper their speed. I was hoping for a one-legged hunchback or something so that I wouldn't be bringing up the tail end of things everyday. Today I got to do the 1.5 mile run. I'm happy to say I survived, and was the last one to finish. So, my goal in this class is that by the end of the semester I can run that 1.5 miles without slowing down to walk any of it. We also did the body fat tests today. I am 19% fat. What is normal? Anybody out there know? He will probably cover that in class on Monday. Next Wednesday I get to do the other tests. Wish me luck.


Andrea said...

I don't think 19% is half bad for a woman. You can look online. Ben is like 5% or something rediculous.

But can they put thier legs behind thier heads and walk with thier hands?

Teresa said...

If you are too low it also creates health problems. We need to fatten Ben up.

I wish I could still put my feet behind my head. I did do better than the rest of the class in flexability though. hehehe, at least I can do one thing well.