Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cub Scouts, again

A funny thing happened on Sunday. First of all, we switched over to the 9 am schedule so we are struggling to get there in time. We made it just before the Sacrament. After church was over, I was standing in the hall when a lady in our ward came up to me a congratulated me on my new calling and then started talking all about Cub Scouts. I said, "I think you've made a mistake, I'm not in Scouts." She was all confused. She knew my name and everything and was sure it was me. But alas no. So I told Justin I had a feeling that I'd be in Scouts soon. Later that evening the 1st Couselor of the Bishopric was knocking at my door. He informed me that he had made a big mistake and I had been sustained as a Cub Scout Leader in Sacrament meeting. I wish I'd been on time, I would have opposed on the grounds that I had No idea what they were talking about. Anyway, I took the calling and am back were they always seem to stick me, in the middle of a bunch of rowdy boys. Why is that where people always think I will do best? Just out of curiosity, has anyone been in a meeting where someone has opposed a calling? I've heard a lot of people threaten to do it but never seen it done. What do they do? I wish I had been on time. That would have been fun to see peoples reactions if I opposed myself. lol.

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