Saturday, December 22, 2007

Miracles May Never Cease!

For the first time in his entire 11 years of life and 7 years of schooling, Andrew actually performed AND participated in a performance. His class at school sang at a retirement center. I think his teacher is a miracle worker. He must worship her, because he was singing his little heart out. It made me cry. He had always been the one that has sat there silent or poking at his neighbor. But not yesterday. You could hear his deep voice and he did all the right actions with the songs and played his part. Afterwords he told us how nervous he had been. He didn't even eat breakfast, and if you know Andrew, that is very telling! He was so pleased with himself that he sang all the way home and we took him out for ribs as a special lunch treat.

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Andrea said...

Good job Andrew! Everybody is so proud of Andrew! He has been doing so good in school this year! And he really loves his cousin Baby Zane. We love you Andrew!!! I hope I will get to hear you sing soon!