Saturday, December 22, 2007


Amanda has just finished up her performances of Cinemagic with her youth theater group. It was a singing/dancing/acting show that incorporated a ton of music from films. She had a solo from Flashdance and we were so impressed with her vocal and dancing improvements in this last year. I can't seem to get good pictures during performances. I need some lessons on how to use a camera. I think her Grandpa got some great ones of Amanda and Meagan's performances. As soon as I get some of those I'll post them too. Thanks to all the support from Grandma for helping keep her in all her lessons! She looks so grown up in her red sequins and dancing with the boys. Next month she will be trying out for a part in The Wizard of Oz. Her group is doing a more modern version of the show. I guess the witche's monkeys will be "flying" around on Heeleys.

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Andrea said...

Amanda looks so grown up and beautiful. I hope she gets a good part in the WofO. We love you Amanda!