Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Amanda Graduates

We are officially parents of a high school graduate.  Weird huh? Amanda graduated from her high school, Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy, last Friday.  It was a little stressful building up to it.  Amanda had to pass all her classes this quarter to graduate.  Apparently, her slight tendencies towards dyslexia make it very difficult for her to fill in maps on tests.  Because of this she was floating around with a C- in Geography.  At her school, there are no D's.  You go straight from C- to F.  So I was sweating it through finals and I'm sure she was too.  It all worked out in the end and she graduated with her class.

I am so proud of her, whether she knows it or not.  Her school is pretty intense and I commend her for sticking with it.  At her previous high school or the local school, she would have floated through with straight A's.  Maeser was definitely a challenge.  I certainly would have had a difficult time. Their classes are all collage level and they do not accept late work or offer make up work for the most part.  She also graduated with 6 University credits through AP and concurrent enrollment classes, so she has completed her English requirements.  She was also accepted into the Honors Program at UVU, where she will be going in the fall.

It was bittersweet to watch her last choir performance, and see her sitting on the stand in cap and gown. At her age, I already had her, and it seems difficult to believe that she is a woman now.  Which she is.  And an amazing one at that.

Amanda also graduated from Seminary.  I admire her commitment to make this a priority in her education. She has learned so much from her Seminary teachers and was always able to find a sanctuary there.

During her graduation ceremony I looked down the bench we were sitting on.  Justin and I were at the end, and through my camera, I was able to take my favorite picture of the night.....
In this picture, are the people who have been Amanda's entourage since the day she was born.  At every event, birthday party, performance, everything.  Amanda is blessed to have such amazing people in her life.  Each and everyone of them has contributed to her life and helped her become who she is.  I know we could have never done it without their amazing love and support.  From left to right, (Uncle) Ben, (Aunt) Andrea, (Grandpa B.) Fred, (Brother) Andrew, (Sister) Meagan, (Grandma B) EiLeen, (Grandma H) Terri, (Great Grandma H) Pauline, and (Grandpa H) David.  Not pictured, Aunt Teresa (who was just outside the door), Uncle Mike, and Sienna of course. It is reassuring to know they will continue to be there for her through thick and thin.

A few pics from the day....

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Congratulations to her! And to you. :o)