Friday, March 04, 2011

Tag! You're it!

I was tagged by “LDS Mom to Many
This is a 4x4 blog meme that reveals some insights about me.

 1. Four Places I Go-

    * In the car.  Back and forth to schools mostly.
    * Pleasant Grove.  To hang out with my parents, sis and her fam J
    * To the grocery store.  Drop a pretty penny there every month.
    * Nowhere, this subject in my life is horribly boring and I now see how much I need to remedy it.

2. Four Of My Favorite Smells-

    * Frankincense.  It calms me and does wonders.  I love Earthy scents.  
    * Peppermint.  I don’t leave home without it. 
    * Freshly mown grass.  Especially when my dad runs his lawnmower over the mint patches in his field grass.
    * Baked cinnamon rolls.  No explanation needed there.

3. Four Favorite Shows/Movies-

    * Downton Abbey
    * The Forsyte Saga
    * Big Love
    * The Emperor’s New Groove

4. Four Recomendations-

    * Take care of your husband and hopefully, he’ll be the only one you’ve got.
    * Give people the benefit of the doubt.
    * Tell your kids you love them everyday with words and actions.
    * Be more physical.  Hug someone today. J

I wonder if anyone of my Blog friends will play?
I am tagging these 4 -

Anyone else who would like to play along….

You're it!

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Mom to Many said...

Your such a good sport. :o)