Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Healthy as a Horse

   For the most part, my kids are rarely ever sick.  We have probably had less than 10 prescriptions for our entire family of 6 in the past 18 yrs.  Being without health insurance for about 15 or those years, we learned how to treat our kids at home.  Sometimes, with less conventional means than say, over the counter medications.    However, the occasional bug inevitably hits.  Sienna caught it this time, poor baby.  She started heating up Sunday afternoon and as been going through waves of fever and chills ever since.  She isn't horribly ill luckily, just annoyingly ill.
     All our other kids will sleep right through most illnesses.  We can quarantine them to their rooms with the special privilege of putting the TV in their room for the day.  They get to eat Popsicles and drink 7-up to their hearts content.  This makes being sick suck a little less and keeps the germs in one room of the house if possible.  Sienna, on the other hand, will have no part of this.  She wants to be held all day and sleep in my bed.  The worst part is the no sleeping bit.  Last night, we finally got her down at 11 pm.  This lasted about an hour and she was mostly up all night till 4 am! This is after taking only a 30 minute nap the day before.  Finally, her fever broke around 4:45 am, just as Justin's alarm clock went off and the day was set to begin.  I helped Justin get off to work, woke Amanda up to get ready for school, then went back to bed and proceeded to sleep through a bunch of stuff that needed to happen, such as driving Andrew to seminary.  Ooops.  Oh well, I guess missing a day won't kill him.
     Also, Sienna likes to turn blue.  She had done this since she was an infant.  Andrea came to take pictures of her when she was just a few days old.  We took all her clothes off and she was chilly and turned nice and blue.  In fact, her feet were so purple that Andrea had to make the pictures Black and White.

     As she chills with this bug, she goes purple around her lips and from her hands to her elbows.  I know this is harmless, I've had the Dr. check her out.  But is still scares me.  She pinked right up today after a super warm bath and being wrapped in blankets.  She is now rosy red with fever again.  Poor Baby.  We are using our essential oils in full force.  I apply peppermint and lemon to her spine and the bottoms of her feet to reduce the fever.  I am also diffusing OnGuard day and night to help reduce any germs from spreading to the rest of the fam.  I'm grateful to have the resources to help her be more comfortable and help her body heal.


Laure said...

Poor baby....the purple and blue would scare the beejeebers out of me! Hope she is better soon!

Andrea said...

Aaaw, sad Sienna. Keep me posted on how she is doing. XOXOXO