Sunday, February 06, 2011

Toddler Dress Remake

So, having a son the size of the Jolly Green Giant and a toddler in need of a dress actually works to my benefit.  Andrew goes through growth spurts, which means he outgrows all his clothes without totally wearing them out.  A while back he got this shirt from my SIL's BF.  He then promptly grew out of it.

So with a little online inspiration, a pair of scissors Simplicity Pattern 2684, and my sewing machine, I set out to transform it into a toddler dress.

First I cut it up....

 I used the front for the back and the back for the front.  I wanted it to button down the back.  Also, the yoke on the back shifted the stripe pattern and added gathering for the front.
 Then I used the sleeves for, well, the sleeves of course.

I got so into sewing it that I forgot to take pictures.  It was fairly simple.  The sleeves were the most difficult, just because the openings are so small.  Also, the pattern calls for bias tape for the neck and arm openings.  I just used strips I cut from the scraps.

To embellish it a little, I used this tutorial on rolled fabric flowers.  I attached two to hair clips for her ponytails and arranged three into a broach for the front of the dress.

Isn't she the cutest model EVER!  She loves it and I am super happy about how it turned out.  I'm going to try out a few more patterns and shirts this week.  I'll try to remember to take more pics.  Here are some things I learned.  1. Be careful cutting the shirt up.  You never know what you will want to turn the scraps into.  I wanted to use the cuffs for a headband but had carelessly cut through one of them.  2. Watch the button placement on the back.  I placed my pattern a bit low and had to sew on a button at the top.  3.  My pattern called for the back pieces to be sewed together.  I just used the button holes as centers and cut the back in one piece, with the buttons done up.  However, I forgot to compensate for the seam allowance that would have been down the middle back.  So I just added a few tucks in the neckline.  It actually turned out cuter that way.  So you decide.

Hope you enjoyed it.  Now you know how to use up old shirts and give them a new, and cuter, life. :)


Mom to Many said...

I love to see people roll up their sleeves and use their heads. Or in this case a son's shirt to meet a need.


Andrea said...

Awesome. That turned out adorable.

Teresa (Brown Hair) said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. You are so talented!

Julie said...

I really really love it. Way to go! (Stopping by from Cheryl's blog.)

Daphne said...

What a great idea this is. Love it and your daughter is adorable.

MarlaQuack said...

Awesome! Thanks for the great idea!