Saturday, January 29, 2011


So today was a bright, sunny, day and I had the brilliant idea to clean up the yard.  I trudged outside, broom, garbage bag, dog and children in tow.  First, we cleaned and swept the front porch and cleaned up the front yard.  All good so far.  And since that went quickly, and the side yard is a mess, I transferred us all over there to work.  Big mistake.  Warm weather and my side yard = gigantic muddy mess.  Meagan decided to go back and play with the chickens, who in turn, decided to chase her around and peck at her legs.  So she started crying and running away (from chickens) and proceeded to slop through every muddy spot she could manage, with the dog, whom has not been groomed in ages and is therefore VERY hairy, right along with her.  So after a few futile minutes of cleaning the garden, we called it quits.  All the kids stomped in, tracking mud on my nice clean sidewalks and porch.  And then the dog.....I really should have taken a picture.  He was a giant mud ball.  I had to carry him in, to save my house, and place him in the bathtub, where he proceeded to shake mud all over my clean bathroom, and give him a bath which he protesteth much.  Now I have mud prints on my concrete, muddy boots on the front porch, mud on my bathroom walls, a ring of mud around my bathtub, and a wet dog, waiting to dry completely, locked in said bathroom.  Not sure that I got very far ahead today.  I think I'll take a nap.


Teresa said...

That is too funny! LOL! I can picture it perfectly.

I had a moment like that on Friday too. I took Indy and a little Cocker Spaniel to the dog park Friday afternoon thinking that it would be snowy. It was also muddy, but too late by the time we got out. When we got back in the car, Indy stayed in the back seat on the waterproof dog cover, but the little Cocker jumped to the front seat and went back and forth on both seats before I could get it. He also shook all over my car. I almost cried. Still haven't cleaned my car. I did promptly bathe both dogs.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather, but I often forget about the transition period of MUD. Boo to mud!

Andrea said...

Cute. Seems it's pretty hard these days to get a leg-up. Can't wait for summer!