Friday, November 12, 2010

Neglectful Blogger

I know, I know.  I have neglected you, my blog, for far too long.  You wouldn't even recognize my children, or my husband for that matter.  I promise to treat you better from now on, cough, cough.  Please don't be mad.

Here is a little update of the last year or so.....

Justin- Still at Kennecott, still working too many hours.  He's been so busy that he has forgotten all about cutting his hair, lol.  It is now down to his shoulders and he can get it all in a ponytail finally.  His goal is to grow it long enough to donate to Locks of Love, if he can withstand the teasing he gets.  I think others are just jealous of his lovely locks.  Just don't call him Rapunzel.  I did that and may NEVER live it down.

Me- Up before dawn and running, like the mad woman I am, till I hit the pillow.  Putting tons of miles on the truck.  I feel like I am repeating the 4th and 9th grade this year.  Already looking forward to the end of the school year.

Amanda- Amanda who?  That child is MIA.  We see her for like 10 minutes a week.  School, school, drama, drama, drama, babysitting to earn money for drama, school, school, school, you get the picture.  She is planning for a BIG trip to New York City next year.  She is already 1/4 of the way there.  Still no driver's licence so I do get to hang out with her as I drive her all over the valley.

Andrew- 9th grade.  Ouch.  Loving everything computers and electronics.  I think he has watched every youtube video about taking them apart or reprogramming them as he can find.  Amazing with Sienna.  She idolizes him to death.  It is always Andoo this, Andoo that.  He is now taller than his dad and outgrowing everything again.

Meagan- Just started home school a few weeks ago and is really enjoying it.  Created her own blog to keep her friends and family up-to-date on all her amazing accomplishments.  Awesome artist and cat lover.

Sienna- Talking up a storm.  Growing like a weed.  Miniature tornado.  Favorite saying is 'thank you'. :)

Pictures of the last few months to follow soon.


Andrea said...

I'm glad your back. I have been posting more too. I decided FB wasn't the best place for some stuff.

Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading all your posts! Sometimes it is so hard to update it. Looks like you are all doing well and your kids keep growing too fast!