Friday, July 10, 2009

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

A few days ago, Justin was working on an excavation job, so the kids and I took him lunch. While there, we went in search for wild baby kittens we heard were nearby. We found them in a shady, grassy place with their very protective and hissing mommy. After taking a peek, the kids really wanted to take a kitten home. Can you see where this story is heading yet???? I proceeded to explain that the babies were too young to leave their mother because they were still nursing. I explained that cows milk would make them sick, they needed their Mommy's milk. One of my clever children, who will remain unnamed because this story now embarrasses them, had a brilliant idea. I could pump MY breast milk and they could feed it to the kittens. hehehe. As if Sienna wasn't already sucking me dry. Let's add 8 kittens to the feeding roster.

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