Friday, March 20, 2009

As Ready as We Will Ever Be

I believe we are officially ready for the baby. This week Justin finished painting the nursery and last night I finished washing her clothes and packing her closet. It took four coats of paint to go from dark denim blue to this pretty chalk pink. We still need to do a bit of touch up, but that will have to wait. Mom and Dad got us the crib and Andrea got us the bedding set. Then we scored on clothes and such at the shower Andrea and Mom and Amanda put on for me last month. This is the baby's first handmade quilt. Amanda crosstitched all the blocks, Mom pieces it together and Amanda, Mom, Andrea and I quilted it. It turned out so cute. Now all we need is the baby! Also, here;s a cute picture of the girls on St. Patrick's Day.


Andrea said...

The room looks sooo cute. And I love that you only have shelves in her closet. I wish I only had shelves in my kids' closets, because I don't hang anything. But... Now that you are "READY", she will decide to be 1 week late.

shantel said...

I'm sooo excited for you!! Good luck!!

Nicole said...

That quilt is darling! Good luck! We will be waiting to hear when she comes!