Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's Happening with us...

It has been a while since I blogged so I thought I'd give you a rundown on what is happening in our family.

Justin is enjoying working with Kennecott. He has now trained to drive the Komatsu trucks as well as the CAT's. Nights haven't been too rough and he is going to start picking up overtime shifts. He a David FINALLY finished the spec house, only to have it's future up in the air. There are tracks behind it and UTA is going to be putting Frontrunner alongside of them. This means they will be taking some of our property. Only problem is that our house is really near the back property line, so we are not sure if it will be there long. This makes it nearly impossible to sell, so we are probably going to put it up for rent until this is resolved.

I'm feeling a bit better. The migraines are slowly ebbing away and my biggest problem now is fatigue. I will be going to the Dr. for the first time next week. I am really excited to hear the baby and find out how things are progressing. I'm also hoping the Dr. can help me to get feeling all better. I finally broke down and bought me a maternity outfit. I don't know if I am starting to show, gaining way too much weight or just bloated and gassy, but I couldn't get anything to button properly. I'm taking my last classes for my Associates degree and hope I can get through them this semester. They are not fun classes or ones I'm excited to learn about. They were just the only flexible online courses I could find, knowing that I wasn't up to going to the campus everyday. Now I just need to decide if I will be going to BYU next semester or not. I would really like to get started since I was accepted and all, but not sure I can swing it with the baby coming near the end of the semester. Maybe they will have some good online options as well and I can do that for a few semesters. We'll see.

Amanda is back in school and drama. Her GROOVE! She is in the ninth grade and just added seminary to her roster. She is also taking American Government/Civics, Geometry, and Astronomy and English. She loves being back in school but hates her 100 lb. book bag. We're hoping they get their lockers soon. Her Drama group is doing a Mickey Mouse Club show this semester. She didn't get the solo she wanted but has a few small parts. She loves to perform and is getting better at all she does each semester. Meagan knows all of Amanda's music and Amanda practices a lot of the dances with her. We've got Disney blasting out of the basement every afternoon. Andrew pretends it bugs him, but he will know it all by December too.

Speaking of Andrew. He just turned 12 last month. He was ordained a deacon and is really excited to be out of Primary and into Young Men's. His leaders seem to be doing a great job with him and he loves going to combined activities with Amanda. This week they had mud football and both he and Amanda are still sore from the whole deal. Amanda enjoys having him there too, surprise, surprise. He is in the 7th grade and in rotating classes this year. He was really excited to get Bro. Degraff for history. He is taking Math 7/6, American Government/Civics, Astronomy, English, and a reading strategies course. He's is doing pretty good. Homework is a struggle and his dyslexia doesn't make it any easier. I've noticed that he is really listening is class though. He and Amanda have similar classes so they discuss what they are doing a lot on the way home. He really retains much of what he hears and processes it well.

Meagan is her cute little self as usual. She is in the 2nd grade and loves it. She loves her teacher and enjoys the social aspect of school such as riding the bus and playing at recess. She makes her take her to the bus stop even though I drive right past her school after dropping off Amanda and Andrew. She is reading like a champ and will be probably my strongest reader. she loves to read out loud and is really good at adding emotion into her reading. Right now she loves Piny Pal and Flat Stanley books. She and Andrew are going through an argumentative stage and driving me nuts. They won't leave each other alone but won't stay away from each other either. It is defiantly a love hate relationship. Withing 20 minutes of them in the same room or vehicle and I want to pull my hair out. This better pass soon because I love them both and would hate to decide which one of them I give away to grandma. Although they would probably both volunteer!

Bugsy got an amateur grooming job that saved his life, Tiger meows at me at 3 in the morning, Monty is eating his mice well, Sherbet like to sing in the morning and the frogs would probably be dead if I didn't feed them.

(Recent pictures to come if I can remember)


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Finally! I'm glad to hear all about life. :) Keep us updated a little more.