Monday, September 08, 2008

On Feeling Terrible....

Holy Cow! You name a pregnancy symptom, and I have it and then some. It is so frustrating because I never had this kind of trouble before. I guess I'm just getting too old to do this. It was much easier at 18. Since the end of July, I have felt terrible. I've had 12 migraines that last at least two days each in the last 7 weeks. I'm nauseated, exhausted, dizzy, and bad tempered. The last few weeks I have been pooped. I can't even make it through WalMart or the store without my heart pounding in my head and my ears ringing. Last Thursday I went to the clinic at UVU and had my blood tested. Sure enough, I'm super anemic. This came as no surprise to me. I had already tried to start taking iron earlier last week. Unfortunately it isn't kind on an already sensitive stomach. So I called the Dr. and he prescribed 1/2 a Unisom tablet and a Vitamin B6 before bed to help with the nausea. I think it has helped, but adding a sleeping pill on top of being tired and I'm a bit of a zombie. Thankfully, it is helping me to be able to take more iron and I hope that the anemia will reverse itself soon. Terri got me some beet crystals that are suppose to help as well. Now I need to find something to mix it in so I can stand to take it. My taste buds and olfactory nerves are on super duty. I don't think I could even drive past an Olive Garden at this point.

On a more positive note, I have gotten fully dressed almost every day this last week and actually made a few outings!!! My kids, especially Meagan, have been bored out of their minds with me, so I need to think of some fun, low key and excursion activities to do with them. Any ideas?

Our insurance kicks in on October 1st! Yah! I'm looking forward to our first visit and being able to hear the baby's heart beat. I think I need something to make it seem more to me than a nasty illness. I think I will be able to cope a lot better when I can feel and see that I really am pregnant and not just possesed.


Ms. Hobbs said...

You are a trooper! My friend Sheryl was also SO VERY sick and it took so much out of her. It's awful to feel like you can't even do normal things. I hope reversing your anemia will help a bit to make you feel stronger. You can do it!!! :)

Andrea said...

Hang in there.. According to your ticker, there are only 198 days to go.