Monday, June 09, 2008

Blue Tape

My friend Celeste came over today to play. She LOVES appliances. I could really care less. The only requirement I have of a fridge is that it keeps my food cold. Anyway, we have lived in our new house for nearly a year now. So when she comes over it drives her nuts that I still haven't removed the blue tape and styrofoam that the manufacturer puts on the sliding shelves to protect them from breaking during shipping. Oh, my energy tag was still in there too, which I think totally boggled her. I told her I don't really mind, and Justin, being a man of basic needs, must not either. So today, she proceeded to empty my freezer and remove all the tape from it. It only took a few minutes, but honestly, I would probably never have done it or cared that my freezer shelves slide in and out. What would we do without super friends? I repaid her with lunch made out of a myriad of leftovers. We had BBQ chicken pizza, macaroni and cheese, pasta salad, grapes, and veggies. Our kids are also great playmates. They are the right ages and genders so that everyone keeps themselves well occupied while they are there. This is a huge relief, because although I enjoy being off the school schedule, it has been a pain trying to keep the kids entertained, especially Meagan.

Next week we are planning a trip out to the mine where Justin will be working. It is fun, cheap and educational. What more could you ask for. Plus, you can smash a penny into a suvenior that says, "One Hell of a Hole" which really makes the kids giggle.


Andrea said...
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Ms. Hobbs said...

Love the new look! Love the sharing of music. It's got more of your personal touch on it. I also love that you are a person who wouldn't need to peel the blue tape off your appliances. I'm a person who still has two new glasses sitting on my counter (for 2 months), because I can't cope with the idea of washing them without using the hairdryer to get off the stickers on the bottom. If one piece got left on ... I'd have a heart attack. Not because I think it makes me a better person or a clean person ... it's just a random, stupid, useless hangup and quite honestly.. I kind of wish I didn't mind the blue tape sometimes. I will admit that I have had a spider in the corner of my kitchen who has lived there for 4 months and he catches beetle bugs and I think a cockroach and I haven't bothered to move it out of his corner, even though it fell out of his web, because he's now sucked all its blood. THAT.. I don't mind. Go figure???