Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Little Cub

Today Meagan was awarded with the "Cub Award" from her school. This is the highest award they give out to students. The description says..."A student earning this award is an all-around student who achieves scholastically, makes friends, displays positive character, and helps others, the almost-perfect student." She was tickled pink, which shows in her picture. And don't ask me about the outfit. I have long ago given up trying to understand her "style." As long as she is clean, meets dress code, and feels pretty herself, I'm good. I could swear I put her hair up in the cutest pigtails this morning too. Oh well. She's beautiful all around.


Andrea said...

This doesn't surprise me, the description describes her perfectly. Way to go Meagan!

Ms. Hobbs said...

I was wondering what that metal was all about. I never got the story at dinner. She is too cute! And regardless of how she dresses herself, she is beautiful! :)