Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I ate this Week!

My brother, Shane, and his family are visiting from Alaska. They don't like to eat much red meat and Shane is into hunting. So, he has been doing a lot of cooking at our parents home this week. We have been lucky enough to get to join them. Friday he made Salmon. Saturday he made beer batter halibut. And last night we had Moose Steaks. Tonight he is making lasagna out of caribou. Needless to say, we are a beef, chicken and pork chop kind of family so this has been a real stretch for us. It has been really good. My Meagan, who is a terribly picky eater has eaten everything. I think a lot of this is contributed to the fact that her cousin, Rian, is eating it. This is what she eats everyday, so it makes it seem exciting to Meagan. Andrew has been in seventh heaven. He has always been the one to eat loads of whatever you give him. I finally had to put the breaks on him last night after his third serving of Moose. As for me, I have enjoyed the halibut the most. All of this meat, my brother has either shot or caught himself in the wilds of Alaska. He loves hunting and fishing and probably spends the majority of his summer doing it. The benefit is that he has the freshest, least processed and healthy meats to feed his family all year long. Koodoo's to him for being the family Hunter and sharing it with the rest of us. Thanks Shane! We love it.

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