Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Experiances

Justin got a new job yesterday. He is going to be working with a large commercial unit out of Salt Lake City. This will be interesting. He has always worked for himself. It will be weird to see this other side. There are pro's and con's to what is happening, but for now, I think the pro's win out. This may be temporary or permanent. We don't know yet. The housing market in Utah has tanked quite a bit. Hopefully, it will recover in the next few months. If it does and we can sell our spec house, then all will go back to normal, if not better. If not, I think Justin will be staying where he is for a while. Either way, I know he will do what is best to support his family. He is amazing and I am proud of him for making such difficult decisions. Yesterday he had to take two drug tests at two different places in the valley. Luckily they weren't blood tests or he might have turned down the job. hehe. He also had to watch a safety video telling him not to wear shorts or tank tops. All of which do not apply to him in the least. They had him run a huge backhoe, loading dump trucks, under power lines. About the trickiest thing they could think of. I guess they were impressed because they hired him on the spot.

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Teresa said...

Hey Brother! I'm really, really proud of you. You are amazing and you can do anything and I'm right here cheering you on. Love, Sis