Friday, February 29, 2008

Math Choices

OK, I've been taking Math 1010 this semester through UVSC, soon to be UVU, and will probably get an A or B in this class. I don't suck at math, but I have a really hard time retaining it. I have to make the decision on what math course to take next semester. So, I need the help of all of you who have finished this in making my decision. I can take MATH 1050, Collage Algebra, MATH 1040, Introduction to Statistics, or MATH 1030, Quantitative Reasoning. Here are the weighing factors. The only course I can take online, which I prefer, is MATH 1050. I suck at story problems. I just can seem to understand the steps for getting them into a real problem I can use. It is a Summer semester so I will only have 9 weeks to learn it all. I'm not going to major in anything that will require the highest math classes. I think I'm leaning towards 1050 because I'm afraid the others will all be story problems. All and any advise would be helpful!

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Andrea said...

I can't even think what Qualitative Reasoning is, yikes! Go with the 1050, it sounds easiest.