Tuesday, October 16, 2007

School Pictures

Amanda and Andrew brought home their school pictures today. Here they are....

Amanda.....beautiful as always. You can just see her countenance is so wonderful. This is her best school picture yet. Can you believe how long and pretty her hair is?

And Andrew.... who conveniently "forgot" to take off his favorite jacket. He is loving the fact that he got a student ID this year. He is trying to find out all the places that will now give him a discount.

They have both grown up so much this year and are becoming beautiful young adults. I'm so proud of them both. Since they have been going to school together I have noticed that they have gotten a lot closer. Sometimes they even like being with each other. Will Miracles ever cease!?

1 comment:

Dale said...

A SHOCK!!! It tugs at our heart strings to see how fast they are growing! They are beautiful and handsome!

Dale and Laure