Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Man in the House

So, on Friday, the sidewall on my van tire blew out. Luckily, There was no school and Justin has been working in town, so I haven't needed my van. We were planning on taking it in in the morning to get new tires. Anyway, I look out my kitchen window this morning and about die. Andrew has removed the spare from the undercarriage and has the car all jacked up with the jack. Oy! I head immediately out there only to realize that he actually has everything under control. He knows where to place the jack on the car and how to operate it. He knows how high to jack it up. How to get the tire off and get the spare on. I just stood there and supervised and checked the bolts after he tightened them. I did however tell him not to do that alone again. No one should. But hoorah! for having another man in the house. I often recruit Andrew lately, telling him I need his muscles. He is a big help.

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Teresa said...

Andrew is a Rock Star!!! That's so cute!