Monday, June 11, 2007

Disaster Averted

So here is a bad feeling down to the pit of your stomach..... finding out that the pet python is loose in the house....ahhhhh! We came home this morning to find his lid ajar and no Monty. We were tip toeing around the house, being careful where we stepped in fear of crushing him in a pile of laundry on the floor. Luckily, after about 20 minutes of searching, Amanda and Andrew decided to lift up the tank and we found him curled up underneath it. Whew... disaster averted. Andrew was feeling devastated and was in tears for his missing companion. I'm glad he didn't go far.


Teresa said...

Wow!! I'm glad you found him. I know Andrew would have been SO devastated. He loves that snake. I would have jumped on the highest piece of furniture in the house and stayed there until he was caught. Yikes!!!

Andrea said...

It wouldn't have been so bad, he would have turned up eventually, maybe in the fruit cellar on the first day of school. In the mean-time, he could have hung out in the rafters.. HeHe

Hollie said...