Sunday, March 18, 2007


Since yesterday was St. Patrick's Day I had limericks on my mind so I made this one up with the kids while working at the house tonight. I thought David might find it amusing...

There once was a man named Justin
Who built a house that he cussed in
He fell down the stairs
And thought "nobody cares"
And that's why his poor heads a bustin'


Teresa said...

I LOVE it!!! SO fitting and so funny.

Teresa said...

I don't mind that Andrew thought my blog was miserable. He was just being honest and he was responding more to the pictures I took of me "looking" miserable. It was funny how it came out though. I love that kid to death, so he could never hurt my feelings. Thanks for the compliment about my blog. It was nice to hear that my family actually reads it. You would probably get anonymous comments too if you would allow them. :) Your skunk story had me rolling!! I think you are a great writer too.