Friday, November 04, 2011

Yellowstone NP August 2011

Justin got a few days off this year for vacation.  We were lucky enough to get a condo in Yellowstone for 3 nights.  We drove all the way up there in one day.  Trust me, not a good idea with a toddler.  Then we spent the next three days touring the park and then headed home through Grand Teton NP and drove home in one day.  Again, not fun with a toddler.  The trip was great in all.  None of us had ever been to Yellowstone before.  Maybe next time we will have time to do more hikes and see some off the off beat attractions.  Here are some pics... As you can see, we strapped Sienna in a backpack for the majority of the excursions.  I had horrible fears that she could fall into a giant waterfall....

Meagan spotted this coyote

Breastfeeding in pubic, hehe, in the middle of the street nonetheless.

Ahh, love the man!

I like that boulder, that's a nice boulder.

Completely tuckered out

The most powerful thing I have ever seen.
On a short leash. See above picture of mighty waterfall.


Wait a minute, are they all happy at ONCE!

A little something stuck to my eye.

Yes, that is MY shirt you decided to land on.  Geesh, that was one BIG bug.
The hike I sat out with Sienna.  Too many stairs for a 2 yr old.

Up close and personal with a Grizzly Bear.  Don't worry, this was at the wolf and grizzly rescue just outside the park.  If you look really close, you can see the fence in the background.

Grand Prismatic Spring.  The prettiest place in YNP if you ask me.

Last, but not least, Old Faithful.

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Andrea said...

Beautiful photos. I love Yellowstone. And I love that it isn't too far away from us either. Yosemite is also nice, you should try to go there too. It's a little busier though.