Friday, November 04, 2011

A Day at the Sand Dunes

We spend a day at the Little Sahara Recreation Area, aka, the sand dunes, this summer. My little brother, Matt, and his wife Jolie were visiting, so the whole Billings clan headed out for a day. The sand dunes are only about an hour away from our house.

My baby, wandering alone in the desert...

Brave Aunt Victoria with Meagan, Quinn, Sienna, Zane and Andrew

OK, so notice in this picture below and the pictures above. Nice, sunny, calm, hot day. Notice behind Meagan you can see our van and Andrea's suburban and the family at the picnic table. You can also see way off into the distance. Right????

Look the other way.... dark skies... withing a matter of seconds, literally seconds, it went from nice a clear and calm to a raging sandstorm. All the grownups except me were down by the picnic table when the wind came roaring in. Andrew, Amanda, Meagan and I grabbed toddlers and ran. In a matter of seconds, we couldn't even open our eyes to find the vehicles. It was really scary with all those kids. Everyone came rushing to help. We lost a bunch of sand toys but got all the kids safely, and some in tears, to the parking lot. I was shocked how fast it all happened. When I go back, I will never let my kids too far from my reach.

Other than its abrupt ending, the day was really fun.

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Andrea said...

Looking at these pictures it is neat to see so many of our family together. How did we manage that? That was fun. That storm came on so fast and the reaction time was so fast, I'm not even sure how we did it. Zane still claims that he rescued Sienna.