Monday, November 14, 2011

Canning Craze

Every year I become increasingly obsessed with canning. This year, with our garden exploding and an introduction to a local fruit grower, I had tons to do. Justin worked with me in the majority of the canning. We spent quiet a few days harvesting and canning. Now how many husbands do that? He's awesome. We tried a lot of new things this year. Here is the low down.

Honey Spiced Peaches
Brandied Peaches
Peach Butter
Peach Salsa
Peach Jam

Salsa (a LOT of salsa)

Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Apple Pie Filling
Red Hot Cinnamon Apples

Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Pie Filling

Elderberry Jelly (Me and Mom)

Dilly Beans
Armenian Cucumber Pickles

Watermelon Jelly and Pickled Watermelon Rind - I threw out both of these. Gross, Gross, Gross.

We also froze a lot of beans, corn, tomatoes, raspberries and peaches.
I'm already planning my garden and canning for next year. YUM! YUM! Now all I need is a pressure canner so I can do low acid foods like veggies and meats.


Teresa Hobbs said...

Amazing! I'm jealous. :)

Andrea said...

I'm jealous too. Looks fabulous. If you get worried about anything, ya know, going to waste, I'm sure I could take some off your hands... ;)