Thursday, December 02, 2010

The first good snow....

Last week we finally got a good snowstorm that put down a few inches on the lawn.  Sienna was fascinated by it.  Meagan and Andrew went out to play and have a snowball fight.  Sienna would have none of that.  She wanted to go out too.  Luckily, I picked up a secondhand snowsuit and it fits her perfectly.  I do need to get her some decent gloves.  She has socks on her hands here.  Remember wearing socks on your hands as a kid? I do.  Dad's great big, gray, tube socks.  The snow would ball up in little chunks all over them, until you had to run in and get new socks to put on.  Anyway, she didn't last long out there.  As soon as she got cold she was crying to come in. 

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