Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Camping, Summer 2010

This year we took the plunge into the relatively unknown territory of camping.  Before this summer, the last time I can remember camping was when Andrew was a baby.  I'm not much of an outdoorsy kind of person.  I enjoy flushing toilets, hot running water, and my bed way too much, but we knew it would be fun for the family to do this together.  My sister and her husband bought an old trailer, for next to nothing, off of ksl classifieds.  This inspired me to start looking for something similar that would fit our family of 6.  I searched and searched and every time I saw something in our price range, it was sold before I could call.  Finally, I saw the perfect trailer and was able to call within the first few minutes of it posting.  So, for a song and a dance, and a check from mom and dad, who wanted the whole family to be able to camp together, we got this little beauty.....

I has a couch that pulls into a bed for Justin and I, two benches that convert to beds for Amanda and Andrew, a bunk for Meagan and we put a playpen in for Sienna. Then the dog sleeps on Amanda's feet.

Our first camp out was in Mom and Dad's field. We wanted to see how things went before we took it out far from home.

Next we went to the ward property, east of Heber, during the ward camp out. Mom, Dad and Mike came too and brought their trailer. Since the other members of the ward who were there seemed to have their own thing going on, we just hung out on our own. Justin took the kids on a hike to the lake and then they all got kicked out by another wards Girl's Camp. We cooked, played games and generally just chilled out for 2 days and nights.

Our last trip this summer was to Palisade State Park. Palisades has a nice little reservoir and the kids had fun canoeing, swimming, and playing on the beach. The campground leaves a bit to be desired, but in all, we had a great time.

Next summer we will start out early and get a lot more trips in. Hopefully Justin will have more time off in the future and we can take full advantage of our little home away from home.

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Andrea said...

I love that pic of dad crashed asleep on the blow up sofa. After all the new trailers and we never did get to camp together. :( Next year. Have you checked your trailer to make sure it is holding up int he elements and not leaking?