Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Act of Kindness

So, after my dtd appointment today we decided to run by the store to stock up on groceries. We were waiting in line when an older lady started chatting with me, commenting on my advanced pregnancy. She was sympathizing with me. She had 10 children of her own. Anyway, she was in the line next to us and when she finished checking out she brought me a box of brownies and told me to have Justin bake them for me. That was so nice. You never know how many good people you pass by every day and don't even know it. Thank you stranger lady for the thought and the brownies!


Andrea said...

How sweet. Did you bake them yet?

Teresa said...

Not yet. We had already bought stuff for strawberry shortcake and had it. I think I'll have Amanda whip them up today.