Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meagan's Birthday

Meagan turned 8 on Sunday. Her birthday was a bit hectic this year. Amanda and the majority of my family were going to Arizona for the weekend, Justin, David and Terri were working, so we did most of her celebrating on Friday. All the extended family that were available came over for cake, ice cream, and gifts. Can you tell this girl likes money? On her birthday Andrew and I took her to see Coraline in 3D. It was pretty good, but I would advise not taking any children under age 5 or so or those that are sensitive to scary movies. Luckily, my kids are tough as nails for the most part. We will be finishing up her birthday tonight with a trip to Build a Bear. That's what Justin and I gave her along with some of the money from her gifts. I'll post a picture of her creation later. She will be getting baptised on March 7th. These are my flowers. Justin gives me flowers on the kids birthdays. Sweet, huh?


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Meagan! 8 is so exciting! We love Build A Bear. You will have to post her creation.
Lily wants one for her Birthday as well. That is the sweetest that Justin give you flowers!

Andrea said...

Cute girl. Your flowers are beautiful!