Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Conversation with Andrew

When I picked the kids up from school

Andrew: Someone approached me for my number today
Me: What number?
Andrew: A girl asked me for my phone number
Me:Did you give it to her?
Andrew: No, I didn't have time, the bell rang.
Me: Well, make sure you are nice to her. A girl has to be pretty brave to ask a boy for his number.
Andrew: I think the guy has to be braver to respond. Especially when she pops it out at you like that.
Friend in the car: Especially when she says she likes you!

My thought: Holy Crap! This kid is only 12. I guess that is the curse for being one of the tallest boys in school.


Kate said...

Hee, hee, hee! I think that is better from a mom perspective than all the boys wanting your daughter's phone number! Congrats to Andrew for having an admirer!

Ms. Hobbs said...

I love it! And... at the same time.. that kind of freaks me out a little too. Your kids are getting so big. I remember him when he was small and chubby and drooling. He was so adorable! Still is. :)