Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Moving Right Along

We had another dtd appointment today. I just realized I've been to 4 doctors visits and seen 4 different doctors, and my next appointment is with another! Like I said before, I don't really care as long as they can save us if were dying. You only see them a matter of minutes anyway. Well, the pounds are finally going on. I lost a ton at the beginning and just made it up plus 4 lbs last month. This month I racked on 8 lbs. I don't care though. I usually gain a ton and I don't think I will catch up to my usual unless I eat non stop for the next 14 weeks. The baby's heart rate was strong and regular, really good. I measured right on the money. So all is well in that department. Now the not so fun stuff. Next time I have to do my glucose screening. I'm seriously thinking of revolting and refusing to comply. What do you think? My veins are OK but I've had this deep pain in my left leg lately. The dtd says it is sciatic nerve issues. THANKS ANDREA! jk. Now all I need is my Rhogam shot and then the yucky stuff is over for a few weeks. I keep dreaming about her. I kind of knew she would be a girl because I dreamt about her way before I even contemplated getting pregnant again. Lately she has shown up with tons of red hair, no surprise there, but I think it will be curly like Meagan. We'll have to wait and see how good my psychic powers are.


shantel said...

I swear that sugar test is one of the worst things about pregnancy!! Good luck with sciatic nerve issue it lasted my whole pregnancy with Hannah :( It's a good thing that babies are sooo cute, cause look what we mom's go through!!

Andrea said...

Want to borrow my crutches?