Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Quiet Week

First of all, I'm so, way, behind in my History class that I shouldn't even be close to the computer. But Justin took off with my book in his truck. So, oh well! Second, I'm freaking freezing today. It is in the 60's in the house and I'm sitting in bed with my hot pad while I do Communications homework. At least I can stay ahead there. Justin is going to stoke up the furnace today. I think our A/C days are officially over.
This week is going to be so unusually peaceful and easy. Amanda and Andrew are at their schools Youth Conference, so we only have Meagan. Also, Justin has MTWT off this week and can hang with me most of the time. No bickering kids!!!! Yeah! On a positive note, Amanda and Andrew were totally excited for Youth Conference. This is Andrews first time and Amanda's third. This is the first year Amanda hasn't been nervous when we left her. I think having Andrew there really helps her. She feels in charge and takes on that role while Andrew is confident and relaxed about the whole thing. They have done nothing but talk about it for weeks. They get to meet kids from all over the country. Monday the distance ed kids attended the academy and one of them was all the way from Alaska. There are also a lot of East Coasters. This year we got there early and they both got beds in their cabins instead of mats on the floor. Now if Andrew can keep from getting lost, all will be well. His cabin is way out in the boonies, but they have all sorts of buddy rules and tons of chaperons so I'm not too worried.


Andrea said...

My house is always overly hot. I think it is all the west side windows. Right now, it is quite tolerable.

Enjoy your week!

shantel said...

It was good to hear from you I didn't realize you had a blog! We didn't know you were expecting CONGRAT!!! 4 is a good number. I love quiet weeks, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.