Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Unfriendly City

I've come to the conclusion that our city is the most pedestrian/biker unfriendly city I've ever lived in. I decided to start riding my bike more because of gas prices. So I took it in and got it tuned and such to make this possible. Today I took Andrew and Meagan to the pool and then to the store and home on our bikes. Let me tell you, it scares the living daylights out of me to have Meagan on a bike. The majority of side roads don't have sidewalks or sides of the road and you are swerving around ditches and canals most of the time. If you go down main street there is so much traffic you can't hear yourself think, and the sidewalks are terrible. They starts and end every 100 feet, end completely, are in total disrepair, or have huge obstructions such as light posts, garbage cans, planters and vehicles. I wish she was still small enough to throw in the bike trailer, but alas, I am a huge wimp who wouldn't be able to go up the slightest incline pulling her behind.
I have also come to the conclusion I would like a new bike. Mine is a mountain bike and it puts tons of pressure on my wrists to lean over it. Here is the bike I would buy if I were loaded.But if not that, then I might consider a cruiser like my mom and sister have. Or this one looks cool. Ah well, one can dream....


Ms. Hobbs said...

Check out Raleigh Bikes. That's what mine is and I love it and they sell them at Highland Bikes in SLC. http://www.raleighusa.com/bikes/comfort/venture-30/

I highly recommend them and they are not too pricey. Take a spin on my mom's and try it out.

Andrea said...

Steph and I might go bike shopping this weekend if you want to tag along. She is going to get an Electra, too.