Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Home Improvement

Finally, we are getting a few undone things done, almost. Last weekend Justin, with the help of Ben and a little me, put the cedar shingles in our gables. YEAH!! I was pretty sick of looking at plywood. Unfortunately, we were about two feet short on materials. This really sucks because they have to come out of Colorado. I guess I'll buy a whole bundle and use the extras to make a matching chicken tractor. Eventually we will trim the windows in cedar as well to tie it all together. I'm also thinking I might want to seal my rock with something that will bring out the color and make them less dull. The kids, well Amanda and Andrew at least, have been helping me in the yard for a hour a day the last few days. We got the front porch all cleaned up and all the junk from the shingles picked up. Today we weeded the north side of the house between the house and the driveway. It took us a couple of hours but now it looks good. I would like to find some plants that are low maintenance and meant for a north facing exposure, any suggestions? I don't want it to completely cover the rock on that side or it to grow over the windows. I think the north side is the prettiest side of my house. It's too bad it isn't the side with the yard. I wanted to show you my cute hanging baskets too. I think they make my house look happy. I know they make me smile. My mom gave them to me after my sister in law gave them to her when she moved. Since mom already has cute little white ones that match her house I was glad to have them to snaz up mine. We planted yellow petunias and some other cute little yellow flowers in them. Aren't they cute! Now all we need is a yard, but I think that will have to wait until next year. We need to finish the inside first. A house is a never ending project :(


Ms. Hobbs said...

It looks GREAT! So cute. I love the hanging baskets too. Flower baskets and pots make me SO happy and I don't really know why. They just make me smile. Sounds like you guys are really getting a lot of projects done. Good for you!

Andrea said...

You should have started with the front, oh well. I didn't realize you had it almost done in the front. When we went there Sunday, none of the front was done.

Don't forget to water your flowers...

Ben planted flowers by our porch the other day and got attacked by ants. They were all the way up his arms biting him before he realized what was happening.