Friday, May 23, 2008

In a Blogging Slump

Andrea says I need to stop sitting around and do my blog. To be honest, I'm in a slump lately. I feel like we are in limbo and I'm sick of it. We have been waiting and waiting for things to change but no. Somethings got to break soon or I'm going to go completely berserk.

So on a happier note.....
I have been rediscovering my bread machine. Mom gave me a great one a few years ago, but while things have been chaotic I had forgotten to pull it out. So this week, I was determined to try some new recipes. Monday I made pizza dough and made a BBQ Chicken Pizza. It was so good that I made one again on Tuesday. Wednesday I made a loaf of plain old white bread. Good, but gone in a matter of minutes. Thursday I made these Cinnamon rolls. Really good but way too sweet. I ate too many and am still regretting it. Today I tried a recipe for potato Rosemary Bread, which I love, however, not so great. Anyway, I've enjoyed toying around with it. Let me know if you have any great Bread Machine Recipes.


Ms. Hobbs said...

Well .. THERE you are! I've been awaiting a new post as well. I'm sorry you are feeling slumped and in limbo. That is NO fun! Things will turn. In the meantime.. it is always NOW and you should take advantage of that moment every day. Hope things feel better soon. :)

Andrea said...

Things have turned for you, right?

I have a bread machine that I got for a wedding gift, it even makes butter, but I have never used it. I keep wanting to use it. Maybe we should have a bread machine party. That would be fun!