Monday, February 11, 2008

Meg-mo's Birthday

Meagan turned 7 on Friday. We had a big family party with all the Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousin. We had 14 people there. Meagan's favorite food is Chinese from Panda Express, so that's what we had for dinner. She wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and orange sherbet, which sounded weird at first but ended up being a great combination.

Here she is, blowing out her candles. I thought this picture was funny because everyone is unconsciously trying to help her blow them out....

Here she is opening presents. Everyone knows her so well. She crafted herself through the entire weekend while being stylishly dressed. Andrew made her the little plaque and we got her the giant frog.

She is getting so big. Seven is a strange age to be. She is already looking forward to all the exciting things that will happen when she turns eight. I wish she would slow down a bit. She is very independent and is doing great in school. She is reading chapter books fluently and at parent teacher conferences’ the teacher had nothing but praise. She did mention that Meagan does seem to be popular with the male population of the class. But don't tease her about that or she will cry.

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