Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fitness for Life that may Kill

My Fitness for Life Class kicked my #@%, to put it politely. We did relay races, with a basketball of all things! I don't think I have EVER played a basketball game and have only tried to shoot baskets on a very limited number of occasions. I eeked out of gym all through school by taking alternatives or getting excused. Now I'm thinking this may not have been the best decision. But back then, I was such a stick figure that no one really wanted me dropping dead in class. Anyway, back to today. First round, we ran to the end of the court and back, no big deal. Second round, we bounced the ball with our right hand to the end of the court and back, not bad. Third, bouncing with our left hand to the end and back, a little slower, but still OK. Fourth round, we bounced the ball while gliding sideways to the end and back, awkward. Fifth round, running backwards while bouncing the ball to the end and back, for some reason the ball wanted to go one way while I the other, but still, I'm breathing. Sixth round, now the shooting starts, run to one end, do a layup (which by the way I had to ask what it was :}) and back and make another layup, and you had to keep going till you made it. Starting to breath a little heavier. Seventh round, same thing from the block, starting to feel the burn. Eighth round, same thing with free throws, feeling the burn. Ninth round, same thing with three pointers, this is where it really started to suck because you had to miss at least 5 times before heading to the other side. Needless to say, I missed all five time, both times, which kept me running all over the court to catch the ball. Heart is officially pounding. Tenth round was the hardest. Back and forth to each hoop until you made ten layups. My thighs just seized up on this one. Last round, run to the end and back. All in all, I did better than I though I would. I made all my layups except two on the first try. I got my block shots on the first and second tries. I got my free throws on the second tries. I just couldn't trow all the way from the three point line. Our team came in third, which meant we had to run a 1/4 mile afterwards, which we had already done before starting. However, if one of our teammates could make a three pointer on the first try, we were done. He did it and was the team hero! woohoo! I immediately came home and sat in the tub, super hot and with the jets, for 30 minutes. Hopefully I can walk tomarrow!

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