Friday, March 09, 2007

The Death of Stella and the Stink Bug

It couldn't be avoided. Yesterday, while driving home from a day of caulk, putty and hot dog roasts, the unthinkable happened. Out from under the tires of the blue minivan in front of me flopped out a nasty smashed and squirting skunk. Whatever it holds its stink in had popped and was spraying a few feet in the air. I straddled the dying animal in my bug as it spayed the entire undercarriage of my car and managed to make contact with my back tire.
At first I thought it was a cat. But in about two seconds the scent in the air made it evident it was not. I was thinking it would go away in a minute, but alas, no. I frantically called Justin on his cell and told him to meet me at the nearest car wash. As I pulled in 5 miles later, hardly breathing, I realized it was closed for the night. Again I call Justin and arrange to meet at the next car wash, explaining to him what had happened. We pull in and the attendant tells us the automatic car wash with the undercarriage squirter is out of order. AAAAHHH!!!! So we opt for the self serve, just as everyone around us starts scrabbling for shelter from the stench of my poor little Bug. Justin washed it for twenty minutes and offered to drive it home, since it was still permeated with the nauseating oder.
I thought my car may be ruined for life. Dad drives the "Lady Bug", Andrea drives the "Potato Bug" and I would now be driving the "Stink Bug" instead of the "Bumble Bee".
Upon arriving home, The girls and I ran to the laundry room and stripped ourselves of the stink absorbed clothing and proceeded to the shower to wash it out of our hair.
For today's report of the incident. We no longer stink and the "Stink Bug" only has a small lingering trace of last nights events. Sigh of relief. As for the poor skunk, I believe it is unfortunately, still dead.

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Teresa said...

Teresa, that is SO funny!!! And.. very tragic. I'm sorry for the skunk, but I'm more sorry for you. I'm sorry that happened to you, I hope your bumble bee sweetens up soon.