Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas and meet Monty!

We had a really nice Christmas. We spent christmas Eve with Justin's family and ate lots of food and the kids got to open their presents from them. Christmas morning was a lot of fun. The kids slept upstairs at Grandma's house because we had covert operations to attend too. We got Andrew a Ball Python for Christmas and set it up in his room. On Christmas morning we woke the kids and brought them down to open their presents. Well, Andrews presents sucked. One was a thing of hand santitizer! When all the presents under the tree were gone we asked the kids if they had a good Christmas. Andrew was so good. He said yes and acted all happy even though the sanitizer was about his most exciting gift. Justin said "Oh I think we forgot a present in Andrew's room." So we took him in and he was thrilled. In no time he was holding his snake. He named him Monty after Uncle Monty in "A Series of Unfortunate Events." Mom pointed out that that was a perfent name because he is "Monty" Python. Then we went upstairs and exchanged gifts with mom and dad with Andrea, Ben, Mike and Victoria. At noon we had a party at Andrea's and ate more food and did a gift card exchange. Justin's parents came that evening. It was a busy day but very enjoyable.

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