Wednesday, October 04, 2006

100 Things you may or may not know about me....

1. I’m 31 years old
2. I’m 5’10
3. I’ve been married for over 13 years
4. I love my hubby
5. I have three kids, Amanda, Andrew & Meagan
6. I think my kids are the best
7. I hate pickles, pineapple, and seafood
8. Garlic makes me SOOO sick
9. I like every meal Justin cooks
10. I’m building a teardrop trailer
11. I like VW bugs
12. I love old and vintage things
13. I’ve never smoked a cigarette
14. I’ve never drank an alcoholic beverage
15. I hate feeling like I “have” to do something
16. I like to sew/stitch
17. I love everything about my new house
18. I hate settling
19. I’m spoiled
20. I hated my hair, so I cut it off
21. I have very little patience for crying kids in the store
22. I no longer feel baby hungry
23. I homeschool Andrew
24. Justin is my best friend
25. I gave birth naturally
26. I get carsick
27. I want to get a degree, even though I don’t think I’d ever use it
28. I’m going to learn how to make stained glass
29. I’m LDS
30. My blood type is A-
31. I HATE housework
32. I have a hard time making friends
33. I’m snoopy
34. I hate gossip
35. My sister-in-law has the same name as me
36. I actually love my in-laws
37. I love Diet Coke, but I’m trying to quit
38. I love sugar and candy
39. I could live on bread alone
40. Ice cream gives me gas
41. I get migraines
42. I won’t use Miracle Whip if it has been in the fridge more than 2 weeks
43. I almost always have a tin of Altoids with me
44. I’ve had breast surgery (lumpectomy)
45. I nursed for a total of 6 years
46. I’ve never had accidental stitches
47. I’ve broken 2 bones, both on the same arm
48. Johnny Cash is my favorite singer
49. I’m afraid of heights
50. I have too many books
51. I want to learn to shoot a gun
52. I love the smell of sawdust
53. I rarely put on any make-up
54. I rarely remember I own jewelry
55. I love to learn
56. I don’t like science
57. I can’t remember names
58. I like children’s music
59. I like having weenie roasts in the field
60. I’m a hermit
61. I think Justin is an amazing man
62. I love Mom’s stuffing
63. I love Terri’s raspberry cake
64. I love Dad’s noodles
65. I love Justin’s rice pudding
66. I love my koki mochi chips
67. I have tunnel vision; I would walk past my mother at the store and not see her.
68. I hate being sick
69. I enjoy helping people
70. I can’t stand the sound of people eating
71. I can’t stand socks
72. I like to be barefoot
73. The farthest I’ve been away from home is Alaska
74. I haven’t been away from Justin for more than a few days in the last 15 years
75. I like sleeping next to Justin
76. I can’t sleep with my kids
77. I have a hard time hugging people, except Justin & the kids
78. I didn’t eat for about 5 years when I was a teenager, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was trying to disappear
79. I’m not good at math
80. I love the internet
81. is my favorite site lately
82. I like music that I can sing to
83. I hate it when people touch my food
84. I will only share a drink with Justin
85. Macaroni and Miracle Whip is comfort food
86. I have anxiety attacks
87. I secretly like Sponge Bob and VeggieTales
88. I wish I didn’t have stage fright
89. I always leave a light on at night
90. I get scared when the power goes out at night
91. I like to be in control
92. I haven’t thrown up in 11 years
93. I love homemade quilts and always sleep in one.
94. I’ve been through the Temple
95. I can spell photosynthesis
96. I known all the counties in Utah
97. I don’t like to eat out
98. I’m a good friend
99. I am a child of God
100. I LOVE YOU!

Now it is your turn....


Andrea said...

9. Me too! Can we come for dinner?
66. Err, what?
67. You and Mike both.
95. Show off! I think everybody in the family can now, too.

Did it get hard at about 68? That's where I started to get stumped. But then when I was done, all sort of things came to me. I also had things in there that I thought about over night and went back and changed the next day.

Teresa said...

66. rice pudding, where's the confusion?

It took me like 2 hours to get them all. It is hardest to come up with positive ones.

Andrea said...

No.... that's 65. I'm talking about the koki mochi. Err, huh?

Hollie said...

Hi Teresa, I don't know if you remember me, but now I feel like I know you...hahaha. I'm with you on the Diet Coke. Do you drink the Diet Coke with Splenda? I'm trying to quit too. Now it's one every other day....sometimes. Good Luck!

And, what's the Koki Mochi?

Teresa said...

Hollie, yes I remeber you and I've had fun looking at your site and your cute daughter. Just plain old diet coke, can't stand the Splenda stuff. The chips are tortilla chips baked with a sugary soy sauce, sounds strange but every party I take them to they get gobbled up. I'll post the recipe.

Andrea said...

Ooh, so that's what they are called. Yes Hollie, these are delicious, addictive, can't stop at 50! Teresa, do post the recipe, I want it too.