Friday, September 15, 2006

Decisions, Decisions!

OK, now I need some help. I'm so not good at picking colors or decorating or anything in that ballpark. I've found two houses that I like the exteriors on. Both are very Craftsman/Bungalow looking which I love. Here are my concerns. One leans towards green tones and I'm scared of having the "Green" house. The other is much safer, but not as unique. My biggest concern is that we have to do stucco on the sides and back because to do the whole house in Hardi Shingles would cost an arm and a leg. So whatever stucco color we pick has to look good. PLEASE give me your feedback. Here are the two houses... You can see the shape of my house in the posts below.


Andrea said...

Play it safe, go with the first one. That's my vote, and it might be the only one you get. HeHe.

Rivendale 17 said...


I like the green house. It's not the kind of green you can really regret. It's really pretty and I think it would look great on your house. Just my opinion. :)