Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well the last few weeks have been pretty eventful. On the 9th of August I gracefully tripped, fell, and broke my wrist. How fun!

Also, the kids are back in school. Amanda will be starting Wednesday at Liahona Academy. Andrew started last week. He will be doing a combination of school and homeschool this year using the K12 curriculum. This is him on his first day. And last but not least, Meagan starts Kindergarten on Wednesday.

The house is coming along slowly. We almost have the main part of the roof on thanks to Ben and some of his guys. Hopefully we will be done framing soon and can move on to the rest of the house.

We did find a house that we love the exterior on. Hopefully we can make it work on our house.

Today Justin and I put up the walls on the teardrop. I'm so excited. Hopefully I can make some progress on it this week.


Andrea said...

Great post! Your pictures are great.

mjb said...

you forgot to tell me you were building a mansion! how many sq ft are we talkin'?

Teresa said...

Not a mansion really. It looks bigger than it is because of the walkout basement. It's a 1700 sq ft rambler and were finishing the basement.